Welcome to AICOG 2015

Dear Friends and colleagues,

Welcome to the city of Chennai, Tamil Nadu for the All India Congress of Obstetrics and Gynaecology to be held in January 2015! Chennai is a cosmopolitan metropolis where rich culture and tradition coexists seamlessly with cutting edge science and technology. A modern and vibrant film industry, home to cricket, tennis, chess and other sporting greats, booming IT infrastructure, performing arts gurukuls like Kalakshetra, an artists' village, Chennai has all this, and more!

Chennai also has a long history of being a Mecca for medical care in all the regions of India. Stalwarts like Dr. A.L.Mudaliar, Dr. M. K Krishna Menon, Dr. P. K. Devi and Dr. K. Bhasker Rao have been recognised both nationally and internationally for their clinical acumen, deep knowledge and contribution to Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

In January 2015 we plan to lay before you a feast of Academia, where you can imbibe traditional concepts, current trends and future options on interesting and practical topics.

The weather in January is cool and mild, so you and your family could enjoy your off- conference time sightseeing in salubrious climate, the historical sites and visual treats that Chennai and its environs have to offer. You could also soak in the arts, shop for fascinating handicrafts and beautiful handlooms or further sample Tamilnadu's culinary delights.

The Organising Committee is eager to make the AICOG 2015 a memorable occasion for you and your family to look forward to.

We invite you to book your dates for this event at the earliest and we keenly anticipate your participation.

Dr. A Kurian Joseph
Chairman, AICOG 2015